FIFA 15: FIFA Ultimate Team Beginner Tips for the perfect start

A few days ago, it is now already that EA Sports has released FIFA 15. Stronger than ever moves in FIFA 15 the most popular mode FIFA Ultimate Team in the focus of fifa 15 coins developers and thus dominated the game itself. If you offer him now because of the many commercials and suggestions that you also in the other modes in the presence of FIFA want to remind Ultimate Team (FUT) and conveniently come up with the Quick Start function, can be persuaded to start your Ultimate Team, we have here some useful tips and advice on how you can succeed the start.

Basically, FIFA Ultimate Team is equipped with a generously declared fifa coins tutorial, but this can also explain what is so important about this mode is not everything. But let’s start with the basics:

The Team Chemistry

First, it is important that you designed your first team as harmoniously as possible. The chemistry within the team has replaced the moral and is more important than ever for success because the players play better or worse, depending on how well they feel. Basically, you should be sure to keep this value as high as possible, ideally it is natural to reach a value of 100.

And how to reach the highest chemical value?

Each player contributes a unique value to chemistry. This depends on which player you still have in your team and which players are located in the immediate vicinity. The maximum value is thereby 10th

The value increases when the surrounding players from the same league, the same club or the same country come. This is visualized in team building through color-coded connecting lines.

The player rolls

Do you have other modes in FIFA 15 is still rather almost exclusively the overall strength of a footballer in sight, it is important in FIFA Ultimate Team, to give the individual values ??of each player’s eight and these be weighted according to the position.


Wingers have much and run fast. The most important value in them is therefore the pace and dribbling. Both values ??should be around 80, but optimal values ??are from the 85th

Then you considered how you want to play, in order to decide which foot of each agent should use. If the winger always bring in high flanks of the outline, it is recommended, for example, on the left wing and a left-footer set up on the right a right-footed. A high value of the weak foot is good, but can be neglected in the example.

Do you prefer to cross it with the attacking forces and penetrate into the box, a right-footed and vice versa is recommended for the left flank. These recommendations also apply playing techniques with central and outer midfielders.

Defender and defensive midfielder

The guys should keep your box clean, you should also choose wisely. Unlike for the wings but you have to pay attention a lot more. Clear should be that the defensive value is the most important for both groups. This should not be less than 77. In the ranking right after that is the heading ability, which should be at least a value of 75, if you do not want to lose quickly the skies in his own penalty area.

The pace is just as important as the wingers, but need not be quite so high due to shorter distances. A value of 67 should nevertheless not be exceeded.

The last really important value is the amount which should be around 75, so you do not always gets the shorter wins.

Of course you have to consider when your defenders and other attributes. The short passing, ball conquests and the jump value should of course also be as high as possible.

The attacking midfielder

The task of a central or attacking midfielder is the distribution of balls in the storm and the wings. Not surprising then that the most important value of the fit is with them. Both long and short balls have to get to the man. Other important values ??are still the pace and dribbling.
Looks that their player is coming in all these values ??to at least 80. Then uses attributes such as vision, weak foot and Tricks for decision support.

The storm

Your defense is tight and there are plenty of balls forward. Now you need of course, someone who can convert this into goals. Your flagship striker should therefore naturally have a high surplus value. At least as useful a high value for the weak foot is in addition to being able to deduct from any position.

Depending on your play style pace, strength, dribbling and headers may also be useful.

Examined her for a pure goal striker who can forego their attributes such as pace and dribbling in favor of 80 + values ??in bounce, Header and strength. Do you want a gambling striker, then picks someone who brings in terms of agility, speed and dribbling at least 80.

The coins

As was perhaps pick out, in addition to the cards, the coins are the most important in FIFA Ultimate Team. You gain coins in many ways, but the simplest are the pure games and the sale of tickets. Coins you need to buy tickets and pack your only ways to get new cards. So what you will, are as many coins. Do not be deceptive semblance and thinks that 10,000 coins already had the big bucks. In order to really tear something and get a chance to really good players, you should already have about ten times and even this amount would be for professionals only pocket money. A Messi affordable costs only 1.2 million (Xbox360) to 2.2 million (PC) coins.

The prices are not uniform and vary from card to card and from system to system. But everyone starts small, so do not let yourself get discouraged and hopes especially when dragging cards on your luck.

In order to knock out the widest possible money from a player, you should firstly you orient it, at what price other players offer this card and others, when the player has his next appearance. Here, one can speculate as to the market and buy a footballer, when its value is low and then sell at a higher level when the value rises because. If a player plays well in real life, also be value in FIFA Ultimate Team rises.

Transfer to the next-gen

It is possible to transmit his team including all the cups, trophies, in-game objects and coins on the next-generation consoles. For this you just need to either your existing Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3 version of the game ‘Upgrade’ by her she eintauscht for 10-20 € for a version for the Xbox or PlayStation 4 One, or additionally buy a next-gen version.

It is also possible to manage gleichzetig on both consoles your team and against other Games as such. Example, the data is transferred to the Xbox 360 version on the Xbox One and vice versa. Also, your position in the online season will therefore be maintained. FIFA Points are transmitted only once.

Although the change will only work with versions of the same family (Sony or Microsoft), but in return there will be a cross-platform transfer market between Xbox and Xbox 360 One or PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4. A detailed overview you can extract also the lower graph.

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Six Points to Control the FIFA 15 Ultimate Team’s Market

In the article “Useful Tips for Ultimate Team FIFA 15″, I have tell you some tips for FIFA 15 and the way to get coins,such as FIFA 15 PS4 Coins. And now I would like to show you how to control the FIFA 15 Ultimate Team’s Market. There are sixe points below:


Some info about the market. The price of items are different depending on how many people there are online. Week days between 15pm and 22pm, and weekends are times when the most people are playing. Prices of consumable cards will get double as expensive. During happy hour, prices of items will drop. This is a good time to make some deals.


A time consuming method: Bidding on loads of items at the same time. For example bidding 200 coins on normal gold contracts, you can bid on as many as you want untill your coins run out. You will win some, depends on time and market how many you will win.


Making smart biddings: This is also a great method of making coins. What do you need? A popular player, with some decent skills who is wanted by many. You need to determine the cheapest buy now price of the player, let’s say its 8.000 coins. Now you are going to bid maximum 6.600 coins on every player you find. You will win some, making a profit of 1.000 coins per player.


Rich players only: Another thing you can do, later on in the game. Is completely controlling a market of a certain player. Note: You need lots of coins for this, I tried with 500 000, but didn’t succeed. You search for a player that is wanted by many, good quality, popular league and you buy every available card of this player. Automatically raising the price of this player, which you can sell later on. This method works well with silver players, since there aren’t as many available as gold, and they will go for high prices.


Don’t buy packs, 95% of the time, you will lose coins on buying packs. Only once in a while, because it’s fun.


Rotating your team, don’t waste coins on consumables, you should have a second player for each position, this makes you able to rotate your team, you’ll save loads on fitness and contracts. In the beginning the market is weak, people don’t have many coins, there aren’t IF’s or TOTY’s available. It’s a good time to focus on trading consumables. Specifically, gold contracts. By the way, the easy way to get best FIFA 15 players is to buy Fut 15 Coins online.

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FIFA 15 new features – FIFA Ultimate Team

Team planning to preview

Different league, nationality, the club’s players have different chemical reaction between combination, which makes when we establish FUT team very headache, so we often need to use third-party tools to advance the time of “simulation” to form a team, but it pretty hard to operate.

This year fifa coins EA new Concept Squads (preview) team planning allows players to direct for planning a squad in the game, through the function to intuitively know the combination between the different players will produce what kind of chemical reaction.

Friends season

Often a player for the Friendly with friends should be very familiar with Friendly Seasons model, the model can also be added into this year in FUT model, so players can use their own FUT squad 1 vs1 singled out with friends.

The player on loan

Players on loan mode should be FUT this year inside one of the most important updates, players on loan in a certain number of some top players such as omar, franck ribery or lai wan to strengthen the squad.

More legend of landing the Xbox console

This year there will be more passing star on the Xbox console, the ball star include: roberto carlos, Peter schmeichel, shearer, Moore, and so on.

The new basis of attributes

Speed, shooting, passing, dribbling, defensive, and header is one of the six properties of FUT FIFA 15 this year, FIFA will header inside the replacement for the “body” attribute become FUT sixth largest properties.

Associated with the attribute of the attribute contains the strength, fitness, bounce, this attribute will be extremely important, he will become your selected player and an important reference index.

Though the header is a very important attribute, but EA SPORTS obviously think physical properties is more important in the process.


Find out more here: Fut 15 coins.

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hey are going Fifa Coins to

hey are going Fifa Coins to take a look at it tomorrow, and see how I am feeling then. I hope to play in the final.”

Real boss Carlo Ancelotti was also confident Ramos would feature in the final, adding: “We aren’t worried as it was simply a case of slightly hurting a muscle and he will recover well in two days and he will be available for the final.”

This team deserves the title and it would cap off a fantastic year perfectly if we were world champions.

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