3 Up-and-Coming Sports Betting Companies Gunning for DraftKing’s Crown


On top of this, the DraftKings Dynasty Store has a dedicated travel portal, similar to those available to premium credit card holders. Instead interactive brokers introducing broker of redeeming points for travel packages, you redeem Crowns. Crowns can be redeemed for DK Dollars at a rate of 550 Crowns for $1 DK Dollar.

  1. If you wager your DK Dollar on the same slots, you can expect a return (over the long run) of $0.96.
  2. Crowns can still be redeemed for Entry Fees, DK Dollars, Casino Credits and experiences, merch and gadgets in the Dynasty Store.
  3. Beyond the welcome and Crown accrual bonuses, DraftKings Dynasty members open up a slew of other perks at higher tiers.
  4. This includes entering paid contests, placing sports bets, or engaging in other eligible activities.
  5. DraftKings Crowns are a virtual currency that acts as the foundation of Dynasty Rewards.

The system is designed to enhance the user experience by providing tangible benefits for engagement. For instance, instead of earning 0.182% cash back on DFS entries, as you would as a Bronze member, you’ll earn 0.255% at Onyx. It’s not a huge difference, but it’s nothing https://traderoom.info/ to scoff at either. Dynasty Rewards is comprised of five different annual loyalty tiers, and a player’s tier is determined by how many DraftKings Crowns they earn during a calendar year. Players can use Crowns instead of cash to enter Daily Fantasy contests.

DraftKings Dynasty Rewards explained

However, players in the highest tiers can redeem their Crowns for exclusive live experiences. It is important to note that some real money wagers are excluded from earning Crowns. Sports bets with odds of under will not count towards Crowns, and neither will any bets made on craps tables. These exclusions are minor and will not influence most players, but it is good to know about them. The more milestones you hit within each specific Achievement, the more rewards you’ll earn.

Tier Credits are earned on an annual basis and are reset on January 1 each year. Kelley now sees DraftKings posting revenue of $4.72 billion in fiscal 2024, up from a previous estimate of $4.67 billion. The analyst sees revenue hitting $5.54 billion in fiscal 2025, up from a previous estimate of $5.50 billion. Now, Penn Entertainment has fallen off a cliff since its 2021 peak. But, like many high-growth stocks that caught a bid during the last hype-driven cycle, I think this stock may have been beaten down too hard by the market. The company’s financials are improving, and if Penn can show sustainable profits, this is a stock with a valuation that looks attractive right now.

DraftKings provides the greatest conventional sports betting. Daily rewards are a great way to take full advantage of betting sites like DraftKings, and crowns are a great example of that. It can take a bit of time and commitment to appreciate their full potential, but once you do, have the chance of raking in some really excellent rewards. Redeeming your crowns is really easy, and you can do it either from a desktop or from a mobile app. You shouldn’t expect to redeem your crowns right away; you’ll need to accumulate quite a few from playing regularly.

Crowns replaced the old FPP system and were later extended to other DraftKings gaming verticals, including casino gaming and sports. The daily rewards themselves are often crowns as well, although not always. Your daily rewards will increase in value as your player status gets higher. Those making it into the highest loyalty tiers are the ones enjoying the best perks, but, as you can figure out from the numbers listed above, climbing up the tier levels is no easy feat. For example, you need 90,000 Tier Credits to reach Diamond, translating into around $900,000 wagered on slots during one year.

How to earn DraftKings Crowns?

Your current Crowns balance is visible in your DraftKings account. It’s updated regularly, allowing you to track your progress and plan for redeeming rewards. DraftKings Crowns never expire, so feel free to keep stacking them until you see a contest/game you want to play or something you want to purchase from the Dynasty Store. The only additional perks listed are a dedicated VIP host and the ability to gift a free 3-month Diamond trial to a friend. The Onyx tier is the apex of Dynasty Rewards, and the rewards reflect your accomplishment. Even if you simply haven’t played in a while, a host may reach out with a bonus to entice you back to the site.

And during previous bull market rallies, this fund has seen impressive market-beating growth, allowing for exposure to strong rallies to the upside. Players can exchange their Crowns for DK Dollars at the rate of 550 Crowns for 1 DK Dollar. These are issued as bonus funds, but wagering requirements are just 1x, so you must turn over these once before withdrawing them. DK Dollars act like cash when used for entry into any contest. Use them to get into your favorite contests or to try your hand at a new sport.

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All Silver members receive 500 Crowns guaranteed, but they have a chance to win more, up to 100,000. Dynasty Rewards spans five DraftKings VIP tiers, ranging from Bronze all the way up to Onyx. Players who exchange their Crowns for DK Dollars do not have that simple luxury. Instead, they’ll have to keep track of their wagers manually.

Dynasty Rewards Basics: DK Crowns Are Still Here

Reach all the milestones to join an exclusive club of players that have completed the Achievement. Notably, Bronze members are permitted to redeem their Crowns for site credit, free play, and DFS contest entries, a luxury that some retail casinos withhold from entry-level players. Most bettors will barely notice the difference, while others will be severely impacted. It really depends on the games you play, with table games, high-RTP slots, and video poker players taking the biggest hit.

All of these can be bought with crowns if you manage to save up enough. Though it may often be preferable to enter a contest with a chance of making real winnings with your crowns, you always have the option of redeeming some great merchandise. The sports betting sector could see competition increase with the expansion of Fanatics and the launch of ESPN Bet. I’m of the view that investors who don’t want to spend hours researching each individual company within this sector may be better off buying the whole group. While this ETF’s fee is high, it’s also expensive to build such a portfolio from scratch. Thus, even active investors can benefit from adding some exposure to such ETFs as a base and playing around the edges.

This includes entering paid contests, placing sports bets, or engaging in other eligible activities. This website is using a security service to protect itself from online attacks. The action you just performed triggered the security solution.

Each new level retains all the benefits of the previous levels and adds new ones. Complete missions to stack up rewards faster and boost your Daily Rewards Status Tier. Qualified Silver, Gold, Diamond and Onyx Status memberswill be gifted a one time award of Tier Credits. Tier Credits will be credited to eligible members accountsby Jan. 7, 2023. Play, bet, wager, or buy on everything DraftKings to start earning. Onyx is the highest Dynasty Rewards tier, and the lucky few who achieve it will be lavished with a host of exclusive benefits.